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Toggle navigation About. At Makisu, we have a healthy obsession with sushi We literally travelled across the globe to find the most flavorful awesomest recipes to put the sunshine back into your sushi-experience its a hard job, but somebodys got to do it.
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Like the meat, there are many types of vegetables used in sushi, such as.: Many sushi stores give the option to put wasabi in the sushi. Sushi with wasabi in it is called sabi-iri サビ入り, and without wasabi is called sabi-nashi サビなし.
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The place to be for take-away sushi. Youll never have to wait any longer than that for daily fresh sushi. Call 0488493918 and we will instantly start preparing a delicious dish. Using home-cooked rice, fresh veggies, and fresh salmon and tuna fish from Zeebrugge.
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St Pierre's, a nationwide food franchise, officially began serving sushi in 1993, 54 after originally being established as a seafood delicatessen in Wellington in 1984. The Japanese name sushi" is written with kanji Chinese characters for ancient Chinese dishes which bear little resemblance to today's' sushi.
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Today the plastic strips are commonly used in sushi bento boxes and to a lesser degree in sushi presentations found in sushi bars and restaurants. In store-sold or to-go packages of sushi, the plastic leaf strips are often used to prevent the rolls from coming into early or unwanted contact with the ginger and wasabi included with the dish.

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